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An Oral history about our experiences during the Covid Pandemic. It was a conversation between a Springfield College Sophomore and Freshman on their experiences throughout Covid and how we have grown because of it. It is interesting to see the…

High School Graduation. During the Spring of 2020, the pandemic affected the world in a magnitude of ways most of which were unforeseen. The entire world, and this country specifically, have been faced with problems in various aspects of running…

Images on how to wash your hands properly with soap and water.

This photograph explains the significance on social distancing and keeping yourself protected during this difficult time. This will give future researchers an idea of what Springfield college was like. It also gives people the perspective of how…

SCSM paper 1.pdf
Leading the way: the Lesson COVID-19 will leave behind written by Zachary Patterson.

Reslife Screenshot.png
This is a screenshot of an email I received from residence life in regards to our end of the year ceremony for all the RA's.

Sigma Tau Delta--response - planning in case of travel disruptions_.pdf
A letter from the leadership of the organization to a query about whether the conference would / should proceed.


Brown, Class of 2020, Alumni Words.JPG
This image is a screenshot of a message written to SC students by William Brown (SC '02). Brown's message appeared in the "Words of Encouragement" page on PrideNet.

COVID-19 song.pdf
This is a poem/ song of a first-hand account of life during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the urge to quarantine, people would go months without seeing friends and others not living in the same space. During this difficult time, we…


pandemic pedagogy horse.jpg
This image went viral on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), circulating widely among college and university teachers.

viral image--photoshop of sistene chapel--shared on signal-2020-03-14-100937.jpg
A photoshopped image (a BADLY photoshopped image!) of the God / Adam episode depicted on the Sistene Chapel ceiling. Shared on March 14, 2020.

Gmail - Ultra Miami 2020 Rescheduled.pdf
Ultra Music Festival is a annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in Miami. This is a email that the company sent out to inform ticket buyers that the event will not take place in 2020 and that they could instead attend the event in…

March 27 2020 - Moon pic.jpg
Night Picture of Moon from Lot 18 on the Campus of Springfield College.

March 26 2020- Dinner experiment.jpg
A view of a dinner I cooked while staying on campus through Spring Break

March 20 2020.jpg
Flowers seen next to the wall near Locklin Hall

Hooper,Brooke-A Four Month Difference.jpg
The first image is a photo from the day of prom where myself and two of my best friends are smiling while we pose in front of the background full of trees. The second photo is from when my NSO group went to do community service work at a women’s…

HS Club hand washing flyers.pdf
This file includes two files that were developed and posted by the SC Health Science Club in late February/early March of 2020. These fliers were initially designed to respond to general concerns during the cold and flu season, but as concerns about…

Iron Cup Finale Workout.pdf
This document consists of the Women's Soccer Team's virtual at-home challenge over the course of the 2020 Spring Season. It includes a workout that had to be done through Zoom with each team competing against other teams.
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