Pandemic Education Spring 2020


High School Graduation. During the Spring of 2020, the pandemic affected the world in a magnitude of ways most of which were unforeseen. The entire world, and this country specifically, have been faced with problems in various aspects of running successful and routine communities. One of which includes the education of students ranging from pre-k all the way to graduate students. Most people would say that the year 2020 has been highlighted and anticipated for some time now in hopes that it would be some type of 'golden year'; some would even go as far as to compare the upcoming year to the roaring 20's in the 1900's. So, no one could have ever predicted or prepared for what actually came of the year 2020. I chose this picture from my high school graduation from this past June because I feel like it is a good representation of how 2020 has shaped not only the students of the pandemic but everyone else alongside. It was definitely a struggle at first and still is, but with time people have begun to adjust to this new way of life. The pandemic has caused people to start thinking in a new way. In this picture I was just happy to have some type of graduation at all. I felt lucky to be able to get this one thing that has normally been seen as a regular tradition for centuries. While, of course, it was not the traditional ceremony it was better than not having one at all. In the end, I believe the ways in which the pandemic has challenged people everywhere in the course of their learning, careers, and more is going to make for better prepared individuals as we go forward and therefore create a stronger country and nation.


Springfield College


Gabriella Scott











“Pandemic Education Spring 2020,” Springfield College COVID-19 Experience, accessed January 24, 2022,


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