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A six page PDF of Power point slides document titled "Unmasking My Truths" written by Isaac Walker. The document has images and text and speaks to Isaac's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an eight page document titled, "College during COVID-19" created by Brittany Cotter. The document contains images taken mostly on the Springfield College campus.

A seven page document titled "Changes Experienced Through COVID-19" created by Ariana Monarca. The document is series of slides with images and text and speaks to Ariana's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Experience in Quarantine.pdf
My personal account of being quarantined at Springfield College after being a close-contact of someone with COVID

A photograph of the preparations taken to protect patrons and staff at the information desk for Library Services in the Learning Commons at SC. Plexiglas barriers were placed before the desk before the return of the students. On the staff side of…

Image of Naismith Green with the Springfield College sign in the center and Judd Gymnasia to the right. Many colorful tulips are blooming in the foreground, which is the focus of the image.

A Springfield College student wearing a mask. The student has turned towards the camera. He had been taking a photograph of Lake Massasoit. His camera is on a tripod and is pointed toward the Lake. He is on the top of Rally Hill behind the…

Two Springfield College staff members walk across Naismith Green with their coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. They are wearing masks and gloves and walking with plenty of space between them.

Three Springfield College students walk the empty campus wearing masks. Behind them is Blake Arena.

A parent wearing a mask is putting a laundry basket with rugs and other items in his pickup truck. International Hall is behind him.

A photograph of the Dr. James Naismith statue on Naismith Green on the Springfield College campus wearing a maroon and white mask labeled "Springfield College" made of a Springfield College t-shirt.

March 27 2020 - Moon pic.jpg
Night Picture of Moon from Lot 18 on the Campus of Springfield College.

March 26 2020- Dinner experiment.jpg
A view of a dinner I cooked while staying on campus through Spring Break

March 20 2020.jpg
Flowers seen next to the wall near Locklin Hall

A photograph of a white board with definitions of viral infections affecting upper respiratory tracts.

Beijing Sport University, out of gratitude for Springfield College's care for the 42 students who have remained on campus, shipped 1000 masks for use by the College community.

sc campus.pdf
This photo shows two seniors from the Class of 20’ including myself and Maria Socarras, on our last day of being on the Springfield College campus. Seniors at the end of the year take pictures at the infamous Senior Walk, to mark a rite of passage.…

This image is from a snapchat, and it depicts the students in the backyards of the Townhouses on the last night we were allowed on campus. Students here were all together one last time before quarantine set in and school was moved to online classes…
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