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The images are pictures of nature and the outdoors, the water is running and the grass is swaying in the wind. The images are all things that I have personally taken while on hikes and backpacking trips during lockdown and the COVID pandemic.


Casey Allen - Unit 2 - Archive Contribution, Written Element, Reflection, ePortfolio Screenshot, SC Archive Screenshot.pdf
Images taken in the months I spent training during the most serious times of COVID 19

Grayson,Ryan, Rally for the Season they Wish they had .jpeg
This image was taken at the CT state capitol in Hartford, around September of 2020. A majority of CT high school football players went to the capital to try and bring attention to the fact that our season was being canceled

Hooper,Brooke-A Four Month Difference.jpg
The first image is a photo from the day of prom where myself and two of my best friends are smiling while we pose in front of the background full of trees. The second photo is from when my NSO group went to do community service work at a women’s…

Squidward's paradise.MP4
This video is about how the character was given everything he ever wanted and eventually became bored and depressed of his repetitive lifestyle.

Rachel Yendluri - Unit 2 - Archive Contribution, Written Element, Reflection, ePortfolio Screenshot, SC Archive Screenshot.pdf
This picture was taken when COVID was really bad so we had to run with masks. Although wearing masks while running was safer for everyone, wearing one while running was absolutely miserable. It seemed so much harder to breathe when wearing a mask.…

Photo Collage.PNG
Artworks made from the beginning of the lockdown to the present

This resource is an email pertaining to important updates on the vaccination policy.

Parking Lot.jpg
Picture of a parking lot located in front of a Urgent Care in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Springfield College Archive Sara Colbert.png
This photo is a string of emails sent to me, a Springfield College student, in my sophomore year here.

The video is of me on one of my first few trips out on the course which was one of the very few things I was allowed to do to leave the house. I had hit a high-slicing shot off the tee box and my ball ended up resting on the cart path. I hit the ball…

My submission is all photos of the outdoor memories I created with my buddies over covid. The bonds I created as a result of these trips are friendships that will last a lifetime, and I am so grateful to have met them in my life. Covid was dark for…

Sabourin, Sean - Naismith Archive.pdf
statue of James Naismith sitting with a basketball hoop outside of the Springfield College Richard B. Flynn Campus Union

A Young boy from Nepal who lost his both parents due to covid-19 and cannot go in-front of his father and mother for the final time due to Covid-19 protocols and safety measures.
Boy parents were admitted to the hospital after being tested positive…

This document reflects on the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. This past year has been a difficult time to live through for people of all ages, and while there are many different stories I can share, the most important part is to remember this as a…

My Covid-19 Experience - Amber Miracle.pdf
This is a personal account about how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted my life. This is meant to give a brief glimpse into some of the experiences I had with the Covid-19 pandemic as well as show future generations the large effect Covid-19 has had on…

Archiving our Expierience.pdf
This assignment was done with the intention of providing a personal account of a moment in history that has impacted us all. The account is meant to teach future students about the things we did right, the mistakes we made, and as a reminder that we…

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