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A three page document titled "COVID-19 Reflection" written by Luke Madeiros.

This is a timeline created by Heather St. Germaine, International Center Associate Director of International Student Services, during the first couple of months of the COVID Pandemic. The events come from a calendar she created to track the effects…

Beijing Sport University, out of gratitude for Springfield College's care for the 42 students who have remained on campus, shipped 1000 masks for use by the College community.

WalMart in Missassagua, Ontario, Canada showing how they promote social distancing. Now in grocery stores there are signs as well as tape on the floor both seperating people and also with arrows pointing on the ground which direction to go in. The…

Picture of WalMart in Missagua, Ontario, Canada taken by a friend of my mother, Peter J. Thompson who works for the National Post. How stores such as WalMart as well as others are trying to promote social distancing including one way traffic in the…

Study Abroad Apology.pdf
This source is a letter from Mary-Beth Cooper which was sent to a study abroad student who had to return home from Florence, Italy due to COVID-19. The letter has a typed section apologizing to the student for the disappointing end to the experience,…

Guam National Guard has set up check points around the island making sure that residents are not leaving their homes for unessential reasons. They are questioning people at these checkpoints on major roads and patrolling public areas to make sure…

The Guam Reef hotel wrote the word hope in the rooms at the hotel. Due to the virus hotels are closed and some are being used as quarantine centers. The image depicts hope shinning on the island of Guam for better days ahead.
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