A Four Month Difference


The names of the people in the first photo are Anna, Brooke, and Krista whereas the names of the people in the second photo are Natasha, Chantel, Ramon, Mimi, Carter, Karen, Cam, and Brooke.


The first image is a photo from the day of prom where myself and two of my best friends are smiling while we pose in front of the background full of trees. The second photo is from when my NSO group went to do community service work at a women’s house in Springfield and we posed with her in front of her house.


I chose these two photos because I thought it captured the celebratory moments of the end of high school and the start to a new beginning at college. My prom was very exciting because we didn’t have it junior year so it felt like the final time that my friends and I would get all dressed up to go out and dance and celebrate the end of high school together. Whereas the photo taken at the house shows the excitement for freshmen year as we were on one of the final days of NSO so that meant classes started very soon and so did freshmen year. And even though it’s hard to tell, everyone is smiling in the second photo under their mask just like in the first photo, full of happiness and eagerness to start a new adventure. Furthermore, I made many friends from my NSO group and so the comparison to four months ago where I only had two friends helps to depict the progression of growing up and going to college with no one else I knew, all on my own to having a group of friends. Therefore, the smile on my face was pure bliss that just like in high school I will find my friend group and be alright. It’s very hard to see my growth over the months but I believe these two photos help to show that my progression from teenager to adult is starting to bloom even during the unfortunate circumstances of COVID that I believe halted some of the progression from lack of being able to go out and experience life.


The photographer was the women’s friend who also lived at the house


Springfield College


Brooke Hooper







Hooper,Brooke-A Four Month Difference.jpg


The photographer was the women’s friend who also lived at the house, “A Four Month Difference,” Springfield College COVID-19 Experience, accessed February 21, 2024, https://sccovid19.omeka.net/items/show/237.


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