About the Site

The Springfield College COVID-19 Experience site grew from a collaboration between the faculty supporting the Springfield College Honors Program, including prof. Ian Delahanty, prof. Rebecca Lartique, and prof. Sofija Zagarins, and the Springfield College Archives and Special Collections, including College Archivist Jeff Monseau. The site was initially intended to provide a platform for Honors students to investigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the College Community. As conversations and plans grew, and, in the case of the Archivist, dreams informed, it was decided that this site could be used by others in the community, whether they be classes, departments, or just those with a keen interest and desire to preserve this unprecedented event. It was a project born out of an ever changing reality and it reflects that. 

Thus, it is a work in progress. It will have its quirks and foibles, there may be places where things don't work quite as expected, and the whole layout may change quite unexpectedly. Things come up when you don't know all that may occur over time! Hopefully they won't be too detrimental to the overall goal. That, though, will be up to the patience and understanding of you the user. 

We tried to design the site structure with this in mind. The entire site is built out of Collections. The Collections are created by the entities that contribute. So, the SC Honors Program Collection is created by the SC Honors Program, the Health Sciences Department Collection by the Health Sciences program, and so on and so forth. These collections are run by those entities. They decide whether they want to further group these materials into Exhibits that explain and expand on what is on the site. These exhibits can have materials from one collection or all collections. Exhibits can be created by any and all! It really is up to all who are participating. 

Finally, all the materials that are collected here, or most of them (some copyrighted materials may only be contained here), will eventually be added to the Archival Collections of Springfield College. Since most are digital, they will be placed within the College's Digital Collection. This process will most likely always be behind what is donated here, so be patient. But to understand what this looks like, go here

--- Jeff Monseau, Springfield College Archivist Updated: April 5, 2020