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Hooper,Brooke-A Four Month Difference.jpg
The first image is a photo from the day of prom where myself and two of my best friends are smiling while we pose in front of the background full of trees. The second photo is from when my NSO group went to do community service work at a women’s…

Parking Lot.jpg
Picture of a parking lot located in front of a Urgent Care in Springfield, Massachusetts.

We live in scary times. People are forced to isolate themselves from their loved ones. You can only see people's eyes and their smiles remain hidden under the masks. Education has totally changed. The bed has become our classroom and zoom are main…

A photograph of the preparations taken to protect patrons and staff at the information desk for Library Services in the Learning Commons at SC. Plexiglas barriers were placed before the desk before the return of the students. On the staff side of…

This is an image of an empty bench overlooking Lake Massasoit. There are usually many students spending their days outside here before the campus closed due to Covid-19.

A photograph of Naismith Green in early April during the COVID-19 pandemic. A totally changed world!

This is the cake my parents got me for my last day of my online classes for senior year. Although this day was one I had imagined I would be spending with the people I had spent all of high school with and had to celebrate via FaceTime instead, it…

The news is on often in my house, these days. The number of cases of COVID-19 in our country should be startling, but we are becoming somewhat desensitized to them as they continue to climb.

nia's nbhd map.JPG
A hand-drawn map of life during the COVID-19 pandemic drawn by Springfield College student Nia Greenidge.

This is an image of three different on hair salons doors stating that they are closed due to the coronavirus in order to keep their employees and customers healthy. There are no people in the image, just signs on hair salons stating they are…

A Young boy from Nepal who lost his both parents due to covid-19 and cannot go in-front of his father and mother for the final time due to Covid-19 protocols and safety measures.
Boy parents were admitted to the hospital after being tested positive…

Danbury Hospital's Labor and Delivery Staff wearing masks and face sheilds. Back Row (Left to Right): K. Dietter RN, DeVita MD, Brunton MD
Front Row (Left to Right): Fox RN & N. Amaral RN

Natalie Calo's Cat, Kiki. Doing homework in a chaotic territory that is shadowed by a furry friend. Taken May 11, 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The images are pictures of nature and the outdoors, the water is running and the grass is swaying in the wind. The images are all things that I have personally taken while on hikes and backpacking trips during lockdown and the COVID pandemic.


Beijing Sport University, out of gratitude for Springfield College's care for the 42 students who have remained on campus, shipped 1000 masks for use by the College community.

This photo is an aerial view of what the testing site local to me looks like. In the photo is various amounts of essential workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, included in the photo are: New York State Troopers, Nurses, Military members, other…

graduation photo.JPG
Portland High School's Class of 2020 graduation in Ocean Gateway parking lot.

Homemade masks giften to my family for personal protection during the COVID-19 pandemic
Made by Rollene Hutchinson 03/30/2020

The Guam Reef hotel wrote the word hope in the rooms at the hotel. Due to the virus hotels are closed and some are being used as quarantine centers. The image depicts hope shinning on the island of Guam for better days ahead.

Tastee Freez Social Distancing.JPG
This was a portion of our parking lot and when the CDC recommended that people maintain a distance of 6 feet between people, we drew rainbows (a symbol that stood for 'togetherness' in our town) 6 feet apart to facilitate maintenance of the CDC…
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