A Long Wait




Picture of a parking lot located in front of a Urgent Care in Springfield, Massachusetts.


Why did I choose this photo: The reason I chose this image is because it is the location where I had to sit for approximately four hours, now let me tell you why. Due to COVID-19, to attend Springfield College, all students must have had their second vaccination dose two weeks before arriving on campus. For me that was not the case, I received my second dose about a week before arriving on campus. It had been a few days before move-in day. Springfield had sent an email out about students that had not been vaccinated for a full two weeks where required to show up on campus with a negative test result. I had been pretty excited about moving in and assumed that I had completed everything I needed, so I really didn’t pay much attention to that email. I had arrived on campus to the testing station and they explained to me that I needed a rapid COVID-19 test. They gave me a location that did rapid tests. Well it wasn't so “rapid”. My mother and I arrived at Urgent Care and they explained to us that there is a three hour wait because of how many other people were there for tests. I could imagine students from surrounding schools had the same issue which is why the wait was so long. Nevertheless, my mother and I waited three plus hours in the parking lot. I ended up missing the first day of the New Student Orientation due to the long wait for a rapid test and moving my things into my dorm room.


Google Street View


Google Street View


Giovanni Henrickson







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