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SC Faculty Senate, March 30, 2020, Adjunct Pay Motion.pdf
This story captures an important discussion within the SC Faculty Senate during the COVID 19 crisis.

SC COVID-19 FAQs_3-7-20.pdf
This document was prepared by public health and health science faculty at Springfield College, and was posted to the College's COVID-19 webpage on March 7th, 2020. It was out of date by the 8th, when cases were reported in Western MA.

Sigma Tau Delta--response - planning in case of travel disruptions_.pdf
A letter from the leadership of the organization to a query about whether the conference would / should proceed.


Covid-19 Panel Final.pdf
Flyer for a community forum where the SC community could ask public health faculty and the director of the health center information about COVID-19.

Moving Online For Remainder of Semester | Springfield College.pdf
An announcement to all students, faculty, and employees of Springfield College stating that for the rest of the school year of 2020, classes will be moved to an online format due to the COVID 19 virus. Employees and faculty are advised to work from…

Study Abroad Apology.pdf
This source is a letter from Mary-Beth Cooper which was sent to a study abroad student who had to return home from Florence, Italy due to COVID-19. The letter has a typed section apologizing to the student for the disappointing end to the experience,…

Asking students to find something during this time of the COVID-19 crisis that historians 10, 20, or 100 years from now would be able to use as a primary source.

Past and Present.pdf
The document consists of five separate emails sent from the time frame of 1/29/20 through 3/23/20. The first, sent from Patrick Love, VP of Student Affairs, was the very first message students received about being cautious of COVID-19. The next four…

past and present.pdf
This schedule was one I made for myself each week to stay on track which took a turn after Covid19 took it's toll and made my classes online at home. On the left is my schedule of the week I found out about my lacrosse season coming to an end and…

This is an email from the Catholic chaplain at Springfield College, addressing the challenges of Easter amid pandemic. It also links to several places students could livestream Easter services

This is an email sent out by the Director of Student Activities and Campus Union with the most up to date information about senior activities.

move out email-converted.pdf
This is an email that was sent from Springfield College Resident Life to all students regarding move out information. When students left for spring break, they did so leaving some items in their dorm rooms. The college implemented a staggered move…

Gmail - Ultra Miami 2020 Rescheduled.pdf
Ultra Music Festival is a annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in Miami. This is a email that the company sent out to inform ticket buyers that the event will not take place in 2020 and that they could instead attend the event in…

Uncertainty (1).pdf
"Uncertainty" written by Carter Brochu.

This is a screenshot of an email I received from Springfield College regarding the dates and times for students to move out of their dorms.

primary source.pdf
"You Have to Go Home" written by Sage Bray

2020 Springfield College Baseball Sched...ield College Athletics.pdf
Springfield College Baseball Schedule/Results 2020 Season

Springfield College Mail - [tradugstudents-l] Important Message from President Cooper.pdf
Springfield College's decision to move all classes online for the Spring 2020 semester. This is an email sent by the Office of the President to all students and staff at Springfield College. This email informed the members of the Springfield College…

Springfield College Mail - [tradugstudents-l] Important Message from President Cooper.pdf
This email distributed to the student body, faculty, and staff, on March 17th, 2020, by President Cooper, was to inform the student body of the transition of the semester online exclusively as a result of COVD-19. The email addresses previous…

SC COVID-19 Archive.pdf
The screenshot messages showcase the transpiration of events leading up to the College's cancellation of school due to the COVID-19 crisis. Head Coach Matt Davis gave updates of changes made to athletes of the Springfield College Men's Gymnastics…
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