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Originally published on See original link for the published article in the Newton TAB/Wicked Local:

A photograph of the preparations taken to protect patrons and staff at the information desk for Library Services in the Learning Commons at SC. Plexiglas barriers were placed before the desk before the return of the students. On the staff side of…

Image of Naismith Green with the Springfield College sign in the center and Judd Gymnasia to the right. Many colorful tulips are blooming in the foreground, which is the focus of the image.

Image of a fresh-baked loaf of bread on a cooling rack, next to an orange dutch oven.

Image of an open laptop, small spiral notebook, yellow legal pad, pen, novel (Tana French's "The Witch Elm"), mug of coffee, and eyeglasses on a dining room table with a floral tablecloth. The laptop is displaying the Library Services homepage, which…

A Springfield College student wearing a mask. The student has turned towards the camera. He had been taking a photograph of Lake Massasoit. His camera is on a tripod and is pointed toward the Lake. He is on the top of Rally Hill behind the…

Two Springfield College staff members walk across Naismith Green with their coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. They are wearing masks and gloves and walking with plenty of space between them.

Three Springfield College students walk the empty campus wearing masks. Behind them is Blake Arena.

A parent wearing a mask is putting a laundry basket with rugs and other items in his pickup truck. International Hall is behind him.

A photograph of the Dr. James Naismith statue on Naismith Green on the Springfield College campus wearing a maroon and white mask labeled "Springfield College" made of a Springfield College t-shirt.

March 27 2020 - Moon pic.jpg
Night Picture of Moon from Lot 18 on the Campus of Springfield College.

March 26 2020- Dinner experiment.jpg
A view of a dinner I cooked while staying on campus through Spring Break

March 20 2020.jpg
Flowers seen next to the wall near Locklin Hall

A photograph of a white board with definitions of viral infections affecting upper respiratory tracts.

This is an email from the Catholic chaplain at Springfield College, addressing the challenges of Easter amid pandemic. It also links to several places students could livestream Easter services

A photograph of Naismith Green in early April during the COVID-19 pandemic. A totally changed world!

Sunday March 29 2020 Naismith from LC.jpg
View from Learning Commons 2nd floor on the rainy day before online classes began.

Seen through the front window of the Springfield College Learning Commons, the photograph shows the empty tables and chairs in the 24 hour study space. The chairs have been leaned up against the tables.

An empty hallway of a classroom building on the campus of Springfield College during the COVID-19 pandemic. The light is limited and the hallway is filled with shadows.
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