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Squidward's paradise.MP4
This video is about how the character was given everything he ever wanted and eventually became bored and depressed of his repetitive lifestyle.

The video is of me on one of my first few trips out on the course which was one of the very few things I was allowed to do to leave the house. I had hit a high-slicing shot off the tee box and my ball ended up resting on the cart path. I hit the ball…

This brief oral history interview was conducted as part of an Honors Program event, "COVID-19 Experiences: Our Stories." In this conversation, professor Becky Lartigue and librarian Mackenzie Dunn took the roles of both interviewer and interviewee.

This oral history is an account of experiences during the 2019-2020 COVID-19 pandemic, recorded for "COVID-19 Experiences: Our Stories," an Honors Program Out-of-Class Learning Experience. Interview questions include: Where were you when you first…

Pascale Pushup 2-1.mp4
A video of Amy Pascale, Class of 2008, the runner-up for the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Push Up Challenge, doing her pushups!

a maring winner announcement.mp4
The announcement of the winners of the 2020 Sti Yu Ka virtual game winners. Winners were announced for the Push-UP Challenge, the cup challenge, and cookie challenge. The announcer is Alex Maring, Class of 2021, the Student Alumni Association…

A performance of “Show me the Scotsman”, by Springfield College Alumnus Dick Whiting. In the video Dick has filmed himself singing the video and he has made it appear that his feet are on the table and he is super short. He is wearing his Springfield…

Famous SC Faces singing Show Me the Scotsman, including Mr. and Mrs. Redmond, Kathy Mangano, MImi Murray, Roland Holstead, Sue Guyer, Mary Barnum, Jess Barrett, Brett Winston

A video of Russ Mentzer, Class of 1983, the winner for the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Push Up Challenge, doing his pushups!

B Bussell Cupchallenge-1.mp4
Winner of the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Cup Challenge, Becky Bussell, Class of 2020.

Management students at Providence College created a two-minute video — featuring their classmates and friends from colleges across the country — to encourage young adults to take seriously warnings about the coronavirus. This video was posted on…

MAUSD COVID-19 Music Video.mp4
The Mount Abraham Unified School District's Essential Person's Childcare staff in Bristol, VT created a music video to demonstrate the social distancing of the pandemic while showing they can continue to have fun with an uplifting song. MAUSD…

ScreenRecording_04-21-2020 19-56-58.MP4
In this video my basketball team and the volleyball team are doing a workout challenge over zoom to stay connected and keep working out during quarantine.

Members of Springfield College were about to start a meeting with the President, to discuss about the global crisis COVID-19. The meeting was held before the Spring break, and before the "social distancing" time, therefore everyone was in a close…

Social Distance Circle with Friends- GDRHS Dunstable MA.MP4
Hannah Barnes a sophomore at Springfield College decided to meet up with her home friends at Groton Dunstable Regional High School- which they all graduated from in 2018. The group of friends followed social distancing guidelines created by the CDC.…

HIST Virtual Open House.mp4
This video features Prof. Ian Delahanty and current SC History students talking about the History program for prospective students who were accepted into SC. It is approximately 25 minutes long and was sent by the Admissions Office to students who…
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