Pandemic Education


This photo demonstrates my experience with dealing with pandemic education, taking classes from my dark room on my computer.


Comfortable but lonely are the words that I would use to describe the end of my senior year that took place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Waking up late, strolling onto the computer when I pleased, and eating lots of food from my bed. How does school get any better than that? At first glance, what may seem to be the best possible scenario for high school, turned very quickly into my worst nightmare. Instead of being able to interact with others as I love to do, I had to deal with the new circumstances of quarantine. My pandemic education resided in staring at the endless assignments on google classroom and waiting until 7:59 pm to hand in my math homework for the day. Learning new topics consisted of me simultaneously watching Grey’s Anatomy as I did my forensic classwork simply because I could. Quarantine had me sitting on my bed in an isolated room with the only light being from my computer and phone. High school left me in an extremely cozy place but with no connection with peers. However, my pandemic education taught me to be extremely grateful for the prior eleven years of in-person schooling I had, and the following years I will hopefully receive. Although I did not have an efficient or healthy end to my senior year, I know now to never take for granted an opportunity to learn by sitting in the front row of class asking questions to the professor, or doing a group project where I can converse with my peers in-person. I will now simply be thankful to be surrounded by other people.


Carolyn Ives


Springfield College



Carolyn Ives









Carolyn Ives , “Pandemic Education,” Springfield College COVID-19 Experience, accessed July 22, 2024,


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