Springfield College Seminar 2H


Springfield College Seminar 2H


This collection contains items that were created by students in the Fall 2020 SSCSM 101-2H Springfield College Seminar course.


Fall 2020

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Pandemic Education Spring 2020
High School Graduation. During the Spring of 2020, the pandemic affected the world in a magnitude of ways most of which were unforeseen. The entire world, and this country specifically, have been faced with problems in various aspects of running…

Spring 2020 Pandemic Education Photo
This is an image of myself during my online school period this past spring preparing for the AP Biology Exam. Every student in my AP Biology class submitted a photo (this was mine) that my teacher later made into a video to help students feel…

Nature Mandala
Mandala created from flowers and other things found in nature.

Leading the way: the Lesson COVID-19 will leave behind
Leading the way: the Lesson COVID-19 will leave behind written by Zachary Patterson.

Distractions and Chaos
Natalie Calo's Cat, Kiki. Doing homework in a chaotic territory that is shadowed by a furry friend. Taken May 11, 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Physics During a Pandemic
This is just an example of the kind of assignments I was working on while in quarantine at the end of last school year. This is diagram I had to make for my physics class. We watched a video of a "flame tube", then had to draw a diagram in which we…

Pandemic Education
This photo demonstrates my experience with dealing with pandemic education, taking classes from my dark room on my computer.

Sedentary Studying
What studying looks like now...A notebook, a laptop, a planner, a pencil, a pen, and, of course, a mask.

High School Graduation During Covid
Portland High School's Class of 2020 graduation in Ocean Gateway parking lot.

A New Classroom
We live in scary times. People are forced to isolate themselves from their loved ones. You can only see people's eyes and their smiles remain hidden under the masks. Education has totally changed. The bed has become our classroom and zoom are main…

Bitter-Sweet Last Day
This is the cake my parents got me for my last day of my online classes for senior year. Although this day was one I had imagined I would be spending with the people I had spent all of high school with and had to celebrate via FaceTime instead, it…
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