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This photo demonstrates my experience with dealing with pandemic education, taking classes from my dark room on my computer.

When my family and I go grocery shopping it's not even the back of our minds to not find a grocery item in the store. Out of stock, sure, in the back of the store, of course, but to walk in and see countless rows from food to clothes just magically…


This is a screenshot of NEWMAC Sports' Instagram post stating that the 2020 Spring Regular Season Conference Schedule and Spring Championships have been canceled for all spring sports.

pandemic pedagogy horse.jpg
This image went viral on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), circulating widely among college and university teachers.

Images like these circulated widely on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) in the early days of "social distancing" as many parents shifted to working at home at the same time as schools closed, keeping children at home.

Brown, Class of 2020, Alumni Words.JPG
This image is a screenshot of a message written to SC students by William Brown (SC '02). Brown's message appeared in the "Words of Encouragement" page on PrideNet.
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