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Casey Allen - Unit 2 - Archive Contribution, Written Element, Reflection, ePortfolio Screenshot, SC Archive Screenshot.pdf
Images taken in the months I spent training during the most serious times of COVID 19

Rachel Yendluri - Unit 2 - Archive Contribution, Written Element, Reflection, ePortfolio Screenshot, SC Archive Screenshot.pdf
This picture was taken when COVID was really bad so we had to run with masks. Although wearing masks while running was safer for everyone, wearing one while running was absolutely miserable. It seemed so much harder to breathe when wearing a mask.…

Sabourin, Sean - Naismith Archive.pdf
statue of James Naismith sitting with a basketball hoop outside of the Springfield College Richard B. Flynn Campus Union

This is a seven page document titled "How Covid-19 affected me" created by Luke Whitehouse. It is actually a combination of two documents, including a short 1 page opening statement and powerpoint slides with photos and text. The two documents were…

A six page PDF of Power point slides document titled "Unmasking My Truths" written by Isaac Walker. The document has images and text and speaks to Isaac's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is an eight page document titled, "College during COVID-19" created by Brittany Cotter. The document contains images taken mostly on the Springfield College campus.

A seven page document titled "Changes Experienced Through COVID-19" created by Ariana Monarca. The document is series of slides with images and text and speaks to Ariana's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SARS-CoV-2 Status Report_5-20-20_PPT handout version.pdf
This is a summary of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, prepared by public health faculty for an SC group charged with planning for the fall 2020 semester.

How COVID is impacting the elderly.pdf
A piece written by Jasmine Gaskin. Jasmine is a senior at Springfield College in the Health Science major. She writes about being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and witnessing how this virus is taking its toll on this population.

sc campus.pdf
This photo shows two seniors from the Class of 20’ including myself and Maria Socarras, on our last day of being on the Springfield College campus. Seniors at the end of the year take pictures at the infamous Senior Walk, to mark a rite of passage.…

Past and Present Picture.pdf
This is a typical Zoom class for an Ethics course. The highlighted box indicates the professor was speaking to her students. Not all the students' cameras are on and most of their microphones are muted.

This is an email from the Catholic chaplain at Springfield College, addressing the challenges of Easter amid pandemic. It also links to several places students could livestream Easter services

It was blurry when I posted the video, therefore I took a screenshot one of the moment in the video, where the students were smiling, and not in a "social distant" time as we are right now. We were all waiting for our Springfield College president to…
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