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This is a timeline created by Heather St. Germaine, International Center Associate Director of International Student Services, during the first couple of months of the COVID Pandemic. The events come from a calendar she created to track the effects…

Pascale Pushup 2-1.mp4
A video of Amy Pascale, Class of 2008, the runner-up for the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Push Up Challenge, doing her pushups!

a maring winner announcement.mp4
The announcement of the winners of the 2020 Sti Yu Ka virtual game winners. Winners were announced for the Push-UP Challenge, the cup challenge, and cookie challenge. The announcer is Alex Maring, Class of 2021, the Student Alumni Association…

Iron Cup Finale Workout.pdf
This document consists of the Women's Soccer Team's virtual at-home challenge over the course of the 2020 Spring Season. It includes a workout that had to be done through Zoom with each team competing against other teams.

A performance of “Show me the Scotsman”, by Springfield College Alumnus Dick Whiting. In the video Dick has filmed himself singing the video and he has made it appear that his feet are on the table and he is super short. He is wearing his Springfield…

Famous SC Faces singing Show Me the Scotsman, including Mr. and Mrs. Redmond, Kathy Mangano, MImi Murray, Roland Holstead, Sue Guyer, Mary Barnum, Jess Barrett, Brett Winston

A video of Russ Mentzer, Class of 1983, the winner for the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Push Up Challenge, doing his pushups!

B Bussell Cupchallenge-1.mp4
Winner of the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Cup Challenge, Becky Bussell, Class of 2020.

A photograph of a white board with definitions of viral infections affecting upper respiratory tracts.

Asking students to find something during this time of the COVID-19 crisis that historians 10, 20, or 100 years from now would be able to use as a primary source.

A photograph of Naismith Green in early April during the COVID-19 pandemic. A totally changed world!

Seen through the front window of the Springfield College Learning Commons, the photograph shows the empty tables and chairs in the 24 hour study space. The chairs have been leaned up against the tables.

An empty hallway of a classroom building on the campus of Springfield College during the COVID-19 pandemic. The light is limited and the hallway is filled with shadows.

A hastily written note to the public telling them that Blake Field, usually open to the wider community, is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sign says "Due to COVID 19 and Social Distancing measures the fields will be closed until further…

Seen through the front door of the Learning Commons one can see the closed gate to that separates the 24 hour study space to the main Learning Commons. The Signs and the college seal can be seen through the glass doors and the gate.
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