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This resource is an email pertaining to important updates on the vaccination policy.

This document reflects on the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. This past year has been a difficult time to live through for people of all ages, and while there are many different stories I can share, the most important part is to remember this as a…

My Covid-19 Experience - Amber Miracle.pdf
This is a personal account about how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted my life. This is meant to give a brief glimpse into some of the experiences I had with the Covid-19 pandemic as well as show future generations the large effect Covid-19 has had on…

Archiving our Expierience.pdf
This assignment was done with the intention of providing a personal account of a moment in history that has impacted us all. The account is meant to teach future students about the things we did right, the mistakes we made, and as a reminder that we…

A three page document written by John Valentine. The title, "Covid completely changed my life," comes from the first line of the document.

This is a seven page document titled "How Covid-19 affected me" created by Luke Whitehouse. It is actually a combination of two documents, including a short 1 page opening statement and powerpoint slides with photos and text. The two documents were…

A six page PDF of Power point slides document titled "Unmasking My Truths" written by Isaac Walker. The document has images and text and speaks to Isaac's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A five page document titled "The Year I Wish Could Be Forgotten" written by Cassidy Thompson.

A three page document titled "A Freshmen Student Athlete in the Coronavirus Pandemic" written by Maddy Dunne.

A three page document titled "COVID-19 Reflection" written by Luke Madeiros.

This is an eight page document titled, "College during COVID-19" created by Brittany Cotter. The document contains images taken mostly on the Springfield College campus.

A seven page document titled "Changes Experienced Through COVID-19" created by Ariana Monarca. The document is series of slides with images and text and speaks to Ariana's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A four page document titled "COVID-19 Pandemic" written by Taylor Harris.

A two page document titled "My Covid-19 Experience" written by Brandon Dang.

A three page document titled "A Local Pandemic Experience" written by Andrew Martin-Ryan.

A three page document titled "My Experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic" written by Joseph Reitmeyer.

A three page document titled "A School Year of Disappointments" written by Nicole Pino.

An eight page document titled "The Impact of Isolation" written by Sasha Penn. The document has images and text and speaks to Sasha's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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