Academic Policy Changes at Springfield College


Springfield College Students


This is an email from the Office of Academic Affairs at Springfield College. This email is addressing new academic policy changes that have been put in place due to the transition into online learning that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. These accommodations are aiming to give students a better chance to succeed online by offering different options to receive grades. These options include pass/fail, course withdraw, and incomplete. Later on in the email, each option is explained into further detail and deadlines are given for students who choose to use any of these accommodations.


I chose this email because it represents the lengths that the college has had to go to in order to accommodate for their students during this pandemic. Not only have we had to transition to online learning, but the school has also had to make changes to the academic policy so that students can succeed online. This requires a lot of time in effort from the Office of Academic Affairs. The fact that they are willing to make these changes for the greater good of the students displays a great amount of support from the Springfield College community. They have clearly acknowledged that this change is hard on everyone, especially students, and they are willing to help in any way that they can. This relieves a lot of the stress that students are experiencing during this time and gives them hope that they can still perform well. It makes me proud to be a part of a school that is so accommodating in hard times like these.


Office of Academic Affairs at Springfield College


Springfield College


Emma Blomstrom







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Office of Academic Affairs at Springfield College, “Academic Policy Changes at Springfield College,” Springfield College COVID-19 Experience, accessed September 28, 2022,


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