CVS SVP Voicemail to Colleagues


This was a telephone voice message from Emmanuel Kolady Senior Vice President of Eastern US CVS stores sent out to CVS colleagues reminding them of the measures being implicated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The senior vice president begins by addressing their actions to provide personal protection for colleagues. On top of the installation of plexiglass barriers at check out, UPS shipments of hands sanitizer, lysol wipes, and masks were sent in by CVS headquarters for colleague usage. Next, Kolady goes on to speak of the sick time put in place. For the first time, part-time employees are now being offered 24 hours of paid leave. If a colleague has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher at the onset of their shift, they are allotted 72 hours of leave. Lastly, CVS began offering financial support to colleagues who need extended measures. Those who struggle with childcare are given an additional $100 per day to put towards daycare as well as a relief fund being put in place for those seeking additional financial resources given the circumstances.


Being a commuter and spending limited time on campus prevented me from experiencing much of the uncertainties at our college. However, working at an "essential business" during the pandemic allowed me to experience the many new regulations that continue to change the norms of every day life. On top of the changes addressed in this voicemail my city of employment, Chicopee, continued to implement more regulations to prevent the spread of the virus such as limits on purchases, regulation of what was being sold, reduced capacities of store, and reduced store hours. This calm, reassuring message displays a much different tone than what was experienced in the moment at these essential businesses. The urgency for personal protection led to expedited packages being shipped in multiple times a week in mass quantities rather than once a week yet there still remained a shortage all over the nation. Remaining open caused colleagues to adapt to new policy changes taking place almost each shift. It is questionable if some of the regulations such a plexiglass dividers will ever be lifted. The changes made during the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change the every day regularities we all once experienced and that is emphasized in this file.


Emmanuel Kolady & CVS Health


Springfield College


Oksana Kagan







COVID-19 Archive.m4a


COVID-19 Archive.m4a



Emmanuel Kolady & CVS Health , “CVS SVP Voicemail to Colleagues,” Springfield College COVID-19 Experience, accessed June 6, 2023,


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