Health Sciences Epidemiology Classes


Health Sciences Epidemiology Classes


This collection includes items submitted by students in the Health Science major who were enrolled in HSCI 325: Biostatistics, HSCI 340: Principles of Epidemiology, or HSCI 420: Evidence-Based Health Care in the spring 2020 semester. These three courses cover topics related to the distribution and determinants of disease, and in spring 2020 these topics were illustrated using examples related to COVID-19. At the end of the semester, students were given the option to contribute to this archive for extra credit towards their final project grade. To receive extra credit, students were asked to identify, capture, and describe an item that could be used as a primary source by future historians and researchers to study the experiences of Springfield College during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collection Items

COVID-19 Pandemic
This was my personal experience.

Living Through a Pandemic
Here is my reflection on my experience so far living through COVID-19

First Responder Family
My experience, as a college senior, with a family comprised entirely of first responders amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

My Pandemic Experience
Talking about how COVID-19 has impacted me.

Resident Assistant's Life From Quarantine
This is a screenshot of an email I received from residence life in regards to our end of the year ceremony for all the RA's.

Women's Soccer Iron Cup Finale Workout
This document consists of the Women's Soccer Team's virtual at-home challenge over the course of the 2020 Spring Season. It includes a workout that had to be done through Zoom with each team competing against other teams.

Broadstreet Internship
This document recognizes the students from various colleges who are participating in COVID-19 data collection. The internship/document was created once COVID-19 arose.
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