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Kajander Jay- pandemic pasts
The pandemic was a different time for all of us but my unique experience with it will be
something I remember from the rest of my life. For the most part people did not like quarantine
or the meta that came with covid but for me i enjoy every second of it for many reasons. Throw
back to march 13th 2020, it was a Friday for me at Reading Memorial High School in Northeast
Massachusetts. It was a normal day and the memes of corona spread like wildfire and we all
took it as a joke until we found out the school for all of next week was canceled due to “deep
cleaning”, one thing led to another and that 1 week break turned out to be something like 13
weeks. Lets fast forward to summer when the majority of the events took place. Near May or
June I built my own gym in my garage and it was a bitchin 'setup, over 300+ lbs of weights, a
squat and bench rack made out of timber stuck in concrete contained in buckets. It was enough
to make a teenage jock cry. To me the best part of the days came in between sets when I would
hit my bong and proceed to make the most of my days of doing nothing. I was getting better and
enjoying it at the same time. Early summer I also picked up a job at my local grocery store
called Market Basket. I stocked shelves in the middle of a pandemic for 3 months then called it
quits. I came out with a solid 1500$ and spent nothing and saved it all. As the pandemic started
to diminish I started my senior year of highschool through a computer, that lasted for almost 5
months and I only returned to in person learning for the last month of my senior year. What an
end to highschool.