HNRS 192: Infectious Disease in the 21st Century


HNRS 192: Infectious Disease in the 21st Century


Infectious disease and Health


An honors colloquium class that focused on infectious disease in general and COVID-19 specifically. Sections of the class were held in both the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021.

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The Longest Year
This document reflects on the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic. This past year has been a difficult time to live through for people of all ages, and while there are many different stories I can share, the most important part is to remember this as a…

My Covid-19 Experience
This is a personal account about how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted my life. This is meant to give a brief glimpse into some of the experiences I had with the Covid-19 pandemic as well as show future generations the large effect Covid-19 has had on…

Archiving our Experience - Ethan Barker
This assignment was done with the intention of providing a personal account of a moment in history that has impacted us all. The account is meant to teach future students about the things we did right, the mistakes we made, and as a reminder that we…

My Experience in Quarantine
My personal account of being quarantined at Springfield College after being a close-contact of someone with COVID

COVID-19 Through Multiple Lenses
I talked about what it was like living on campus during the Spring 2020 semester and finding out that Springfield College would be closing. I also went into detail about what this pandemic can mean to different people. Finally, I explained my most…

A Voice From 2020
This document includes my own characterization of the pandemic, my personal experiences of living through Covid-19, and my takeaways from this class.
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