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A five minute video created by Amalya Wright titled "How my senior year went wrong in every way humanly possible."

SC CETLS, Netiquette Guideliness, April 3, 2020.pdf
The document provides guidelines and advice about how to be an online learner, how to use technologies like Zoom appropriately, and how to prevent "Zoombombing."

When my family and I go grocery shopping it's not even the back of our minds to not find a grocery item in the store. Out of stock, sure, in the back of the store, of course, but to walk in and see countless rows from food to clothes just magically…


2020 Springfield College Baseball Sched...ield College Athletics.pdf
Springfield College Baseball Schedule/Results 2020 Season

Hooper,Brooke-A Four Month Difference.jpg
The first image is a photo from the day of prom where myself and two of my best friends are smiling while we pose in front of the background full of trees. The second photo is from when my NSO group went to do community service work at a women’s…

A three page document titled "A Freshmen Student Athlete in the Coronavirus Pandemic" written by Maddy Dunne.

A letter from Springfield College faculty amid switch to virtual learning.pdf
A group of Springfield College faculty wrote an open letter to Springfield College students in the early days of Spring Break after students had left campus, and after the announcement that the remainder of the spring 2020 semester would be taught…

A three page document titled "A Local Pandemic Experience" written by Andrew Martin-Ryan.

Parking Lot.jpg
Picture of a parking lot located in front of a Urgent Care in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Springfield College was forced to postpone its much anticipated Commencement ceremonies. The source, written by Springfield College President Mary-Beth A. Cooper, discusses graduating students survey results which asked…

We live in scary times. People are forced to isolate themselves from their loved ones. You can only see people's eyes and their smiles remain hidden under the masks. Education has totally changed. The bed has become our classroom and zoom are main…

A photograph of the preparations taken to protect patrons and staff at the information desk for Library Services in the Learning Commons at SC. Plexiglas barriers were placed before the desk before the return of the students. On the staff side of…

This is an image of an empty bench overlooking Lake Massasoit. There are usually many students spending their days outside here before the campus closed due to Covid-19.

A three page document titled "A School Year of Disappointments" written by Nicole Pino.

Taylor Gibson-Archive Contribution-A Voice From 2020.pdf
This document includes my own characterization of the pandemic, my personal experiences of living through Covid-19, and my takeaways from this class.

_Just so I NEVER forget_ Facebook Post.pdf
This source is a Facebook post by a Springfield College student that lists the different aspects of life that have been changed by this pandemic. It ends with some inspiring words of encouragement and a reminder not to take things for granted, to be…

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 12.55.26 PM.png
This is an email from the Office of Academic Affairs at Springfield College. This email is addressing new academic policy changes that have been put in place due to the transition into online learning that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.…

SC Faculty Senate, March 30, 2020, Adjunct Pay Motion.pdf
This story captures an important discussion within the SC Faculty Senate during the COVID 19 crisis.
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