Shedding Some Light


Mount Holyoke, Hadley, Massachusetts


Photograph of the view seen at the peak of Mount Holyoke in Hadley, Massachusetts.


Coronavirus has disrupted everyone’s lives and routines. We have all had to change the way we were living and doing things. Many have lost their jobs, or must work remotely. Most of us have been unable to see our friends. Although it is a difficult situation, it is temporary, and the best we can do right now is make the most out of it.

Coronavirus has left lots of us with time, and lots of it too. We can either sit around and wait it out, or be productive and take this time we have and do something with it. I am not the type of person who can sit around all day in my house; I have to be doing something. Social distancing has certainly made this difficult, but I have made the most out of it. The Springfield College community has also been making the most out of it, such as continuing traditions online and through social media.

One way I have been making the most out of the situation has been by going out on hikes and exploring trails across western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. Social distancing does not mean completely disconnecting yourself from the world. On one of my hikes an older gentleman noticed I was wearing a Springfield College sweatshirt and he told me about how he graduated from Springfield almost 60 years ago and was sad that his reunion for this year was cancelled due to COVID-19 and we had a nice conversation about the college. On almost every one of my hikes, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to people (of course respecting physical distancing rules), I otherwise never would have encountered before and it has been interesting to hear about people in my community and how they are coping with the coronavirus crisis and social distancing.

I have attached a picture from one of my hikes up to Mount Holyoke. I chose to include this picture to capture how I have been spending my free time (and how I am not going completely insane) now that we have been working remotely.


Danielle Burke


Springfield College


Danielle Burke










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