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It is a screenshot of an Elementary Spanish II class taking place over Zoom.

primary source.pdf
"You Have to Go Home" written by Sage Bray

Past and Present Photo.JPG
This shows the gates to the track and football field in York, Maine closed off with a sign that says "Athletic Field Closed Per order of the town of York, Maine. Police take notice. stay Home, stay healthy."

Image of an open laptop, small spiral notebook, yellow legal pad, pen, novel (Tana French's "The Witch Elm"), mug of coffee, and eyeglasses on a dining room table with a floral tablecloth. The laptop is displaying the Library Services homepage, which…

My brothers and I working on our school work online due to COVID-19 in the dining room of our house in East Haddam, Connecticut. The people in the photo include:
(Left) Joshua Ricard, (Middle) Zachary Ricard, and (Right) Matthew Ricard.

Iron Cup Finale Workout.pdf
This document consists of the Women's Soccer Team's virtual at-home challenge over the course of the 2020 Spring Season. It includes a workout that had to be done through Zoom with each team competing against other teams.

Brown, Class of 2020, Alumni Words.JPG
This image is a screenshot of a message written to SC students by William Brown (SC '02). Brown's message appeared in the "Words of Encouragement" page on PrideNet.

A photograph of a white board with definitions of viral infections affecting upper respiratory tracts.

Originally published on See original link for the published article in the Newton TAB/Wicked Local:

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.36.35 PM.PNG
New Student Orientation leaders are pictured. This Instagram post, released by @springfieldcollege, provides a checklist for a virtual open house for accepted students to Springfield College beginning the Fall 2020 Semester. The purpose of this…

Images like these circulated widely on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) in the early days of "social distancing" as many parents shifted to working at home at the same time as schools closed, keeping children at home.

pandemic pedagogy horse.jpg
This image went viral on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), circulating widely among college and university teachers.

viral image--photoshop of sistene chapel--shared on signal-2020-03-14-100937.jpg
A photoshopped image (a BADLY photoshopped image!) of the God / Adam episode depicted on the Sistene Chapel ceiling. Shared on March 14, 2020.

A six page PDF of Power point slides document titled "Unmasking My Truths" written by Isaac Walker. The document has images and text and speaks to Isaac's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uncertainty (1).pdf
"Uncertainty" written by Carter Brochu.

Gmail - Ultra Miami 2020 Rescheduled.pdf
Ultra Music Festival is a annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in Miami. This is a email that the company sent out to inform ticket buyers that the event will not take place in 2020 and that they could instead attend the event in…

Image of Naismith Green with the Springfield College sign in the center and Judd Gymnasia to the right. Many colorful tulips are blooming in the foreground, which is the focus of the image.

A five page document titled "The Year I Wish Could Be Forgotten" written by Cassidy Thompson.

Tastee Freez Hand Sanitizer.JPG
The sale of hand sanitizer at a food service location seems somewhat unconventional. It was being produced by my manager/owner of the store's non-profit organization. I heard many times things such as "this is the only hand sanitizer I can find"and…
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