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A three page document titled "A Local Pandemic Experience" written by Andrew Martin-Ryan.

A letter from Springfield College faculty amid switch to virtual learning.pdf
A group of Springfield College faculty wrote an open letter to Springfield College students in the early days of Spring Break after students had left campus, and after the announcement that the remainder of the spring 2020 semester would be taught…

This is an email sent out by the Director of Student Activities and Campus Union with the most up to date information about senior activities.

A 3 page document titled "COVID class of 2020." Author is anonymous.

This is an 8 minute audio clip from an anonymous contributor about their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A seven page document titled "Changes Experienced Through COVID-19" created by Ariana Monarca. The document is series of slides with images and text and speaks to Ariana's experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Experience in Quarantine.pdf
My personal account of being quarantined at Springfield College after being a close-contact of someone with COVID

Management students at Providence College created a two-minute video — featuring their classmates and friends from colleges across the country — to encourage young adults to take seriously warnings about the coronavirus. This video was posted on…

Poem of Covid.pdf
A poem called "POEM OF COVID" by author x.

This flier given to employees at Baystate Medical Center for instructions and information about the extended use of the N95 masks.

B Bussell Cupchallenge-1.mp4
Winner of the 2020 Virtual Sti Yu Ka Cup Challenge, Becky Bussell, Class of 2020.

These are photos of myself and roommates, also my best friends. The top picture is the start of Senior year (left to right: Shannon Flynn, Kayla Broyles, Alexis Huxtable, Cayman Brown (me)), and the next, a ski trip we went on. The bottom one was…

A Springfield College neck gaiter being used as a mask to wear out in public during the COVID-19 pandemic

A two page document titled "My Covid-19 Experience" written by Brandon Dang.

This is an eight page document titled, "College during COVID-19" created by Brittany Cotter. The document contains images taken mostly on the Springfield College campus.

Letter to Colleges - Thank you with Volunteer Names .docx.pdf
This document recognizes the students from various colleges who are participating in COVID-19 data collection. The internship/document was created once COVID-19 arose.

camryn covid map.jpg
A hand-drawn map of life during the COVID-19 pandemic drawn by Springfield College student Camryn Field.

This photo demonstrates my experience with dealing with pandemic education, taking classes from my dark room on my computer.

Uncertainty (1).pdf
"Uncertainty" written by Carter Brochu.
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