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Images like these circulated widely on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) in the early days of "social distancing" as many parents shifted to working at home at the same time as schools closed, keeping children at home.

pandemic pedagogy horse.jpg
This image went viral on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), circulating widely among college and university teachers.

viral image--photoshop of sistene chapel--shared on signal-2020-03-14-100937.jpg
A photoshopped image (a BADLY photoshopped image!) of the God / Adam episode depicted on the Sistene Chapel ceiling. Shared on March 14, 2020.

Sunday March 29 2020 Naismith from LC.jpg
View from Learning Commons 2nd floor on the rainy day before online classes began.

This image consists of a desk that is used for school work as well as gaming. There is a schedule of online classes on the wall as well as a list of work to be done weekly. It is also very gloomy out which adds to the feeling confined part of the…

A photograph of Naismith Green in early April during the COVID-19 pandemic. A totally changed world!

Homemade masks giften to my family for personal protection during the COVID-19 pandemic
Made by Rollene Hutchinson 03/30/2020

This is a sketch by a Springfield College junior enrolled in Prof. Ian Delahanty's HIST 106 class. It is a hand-drawn illustration of a coronavirus microbe surrounded by images associated with Springfield College and brief quotes from the artist's…

A Springfield College neck gaiter being used as a mask to wear out in public during the COVID-19 pandemic

past and present picture.JPG
This image was taken at my home in Granby, Massachusetts. I was playing basketball by myself on my street in the early afternoon. It represents Springfield College, the birthplace of basketball, being trapped by an external force. The COVID-19…

mom masks.jpg
During this pandemic, my mom (Kerry Hart) has been working with local Middlesex Hospital to sew reusable mask covers for the hospital workers. The hospital sent out instructions on how to make the covers, and provides the material. So far, my mom…

Tastee Freez Hand Sanitizer.JPG
The sale of hand sanitizer at a food service location seems somewhat unconventional. It was being produced by my manager/owner of the store's non-profit organization. I heard many times things such as "this is the only hand sanitizer I can find"and…

Tastee Freez Social Distancing.JPG
This was a portion of our parking lot and when the CDC recommended that people maintain a distance of 6 feet between people, we drew rainbows (a symbol that stood for 'togetherness' in our town) 6 feet apart to facilitate maintenance of the CDC…

The Guam Reef hotel wrote the word hope in the rooms at the hotel. Due to the virus hotels are closed and some are being used as quarantine centers. The image depicts hope shinning on the island of Guam for better days ahead.

Guam National Guard has set up check points around the island making sure that residents are not leaving their homes for unessential reasons. They are questioning people at these checkpoints on major roads and patrolling public areas to make sure…

My brothers and I working on our school work online due to COVID-19 in the dining room of our house in East Haddam, Connecticut. The people in the photo include:
(Left) Joshua Ricard, (Middle) Zachary Ricard, and (Right) Matthew Ricard.

This is an image of three different on hair salons doors stating that they are closed due to the coronavirus in order to keep their employees and customers healthy. There are no people in the image, just signs on hair salons stating they are…

Here is a picture of a my mom wearing everything should would during her work day. She is wearing, her uniform under the visible paper gown. Then, she has on a KN N95 face mask which is also covered by a face shield. The face shield is solid plastic…

Photograph of the view seen at the peak of Mount Holyoke in Hadley, Massachusetts.

This photo is an aerial view of what the testing site local to me looks like. In the photo is various amounts of essential workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, included in the photo are: New York State Troopers, Nurses, Military members, other…
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