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March 27 2020 - Moon pic.jpg
Night Picture of Moon from Lot 18 on the Campus of Springfield College.

March 26 2020- Dinner experiment.jpg
A view of a dinner I cooked while staying on campus through Spring Break

March 20 2020.jpg
Flowers seen next to the wall near Locklin Hall

My father and I were making a dance video for my Square Dancing Class, which was forced to be transitioned to online. Quarantine required my professor and my fellow classmates to be creative in our dancing assignments.

These are photos of myself and roommates, also my best friends. The top picture is the start of Senior year (left to right: Shannon Flynn, Kayla Broyles, Alexis Huxtable, Cayman Brown (me)), and the next, a ski trip we went on. The bottom one was…

This image portrays Willow Mennone Springfield College Class of 2021, completing online homework assignments for Organic Chemistry, with the help of her dog, during COVID-19 quarantine.

camryn covid map.jpg
A hand-drawn map of life during the COVID-19 pandemic drawn by Springfield College student Camryn Field.

nia's nbhd map.JPG
A hand-drawn map of life during the COVID-19 pandemic drawn by Springfield College student Nia Greenidge.

My best friend and I take pictures together like it's our job. Christina and I are seniors at Springfield and were roommates until we had to leave campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were so used to seeing each other every day - spending the…

A photograph of a white board with definitions of viral infections affecting upper respiratory tracts.

Beijing Sport University, out of gratitude for Springfield College's care for the 42 students who have remained on campus, shipped 1000 masks for use by the College community.

The news is on often in my house, these days. The number of cases of COVID-19 in our country should be startling, but we are becoming somewhat desensitized to them as they continue to climb.

WalMart in Missassagua, Ontario, Canada showing how they promote social distancing. Now in grocery stores there are signs as well as tape on the floor both seperating people and also with arrows pointing on the ground which direction to go in. The…

Picture of WalMart in Missagua, Ontario, Canada taken by a friend of my mother, Peter J. Thompson who works for the National Post. How stores such as WalMart as well as others are trying to promote social distancing including one way traffic in the…

Social Distancing.jpg
Friend, Payton Sliwa, is on the computer screen on FaceTime. Georgia Perreault, a sophomore at Springfield College, and high school friend, Payton Sliwa, having lunch together on FaceTime because of social distancing. Just one of the many FaceTimes…

This image is from a snapchat, and it depicts the students in the backyards of the Townhouses on the last night we were allowed on campus. Students here were all together one last time before quarantine set in and school was moved to online classes…

Sylvia Springfield Mask.jpg
Sylvia Stern wearing a Springfield College mask at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts.

This is an image of an empty bench overlooking Lake Massasoit. There are usually many students spending their days outside here before the campus closed due to Covid-19.

Danbury Hospital's Labor and Delivery Staff wearing masks and face sheilds. Back Row (Left to Right): K. Dietter RN, DeVita MD, Brunton MD
Front Row (Left to Right): Fox RN & N. Amaral RN
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