File #254: "Casey Allen - Unit 2 - Archive Contribution, Written Element, Reflection, ePortfolio Screenshot, SC Archive Screenshot.pdf"


The title of my contribution is going to be how I trained in the woods. I think it is a simple title,
but it hammers home the message. The videos are all of me working out in the woods during
quarantine. All of the gyms were closed, so the only way to work out would be to go outside and
do whatever I needed to do. These woods would vary everywhere in northern New jersey. I
enjoyed switching up the scenery and keeping things new. I did everything from run to lifting
logs and punching football pads. My friend Jack was a great force in motivating me during this
tough time. We were both there for eachother to get better, and I do truly appreciate the time I
spent with him. Although my COVID experience was filled with a ton of mental hardship, these
were the experiences I remember the fondest from that year. Anything that was available to me
in public I used to better myself. The videos are of me and sometimes my good friend Jack. The
dates vary from April 2020 into that summer. My name is Casey Allen,

I really enjoyed looking into all of these archives over this passed unit. Although repetitive with
the questions taking a deep dive into things I would not have probably gotten a chance to look
into was pretty cool. My favorite part is looking into the Springfield Archive and seeing all the
different things that happened in our school's history. It was shocking to see how hypocritical our
humanics message is no offense to Springfield College. The way we handled segregation will
stick with me forever. I also loved the museum of suspended objects. It was really interesting
seeing different things get their meaning back after looking like simply junk. Shows that almost
anything can be made into an archive.