File #115: "COVID-19 song.pdf"


Hey friend,
No, I can’t go outside.
But that means I’m stuck in here with
the voices in my mind.
Do you
want to meet up at the park?
You can drive up next to me
but stay six feet apart.
Is there
anywhere we can go
to talk about the future
but, not over the phone?
When will
I see you again?
I miss human contact,
I want to talk and
I’m tired of this text.
I miss you,
but I guess we can Zoom.
Hey friend,
What did you do today?
I read a book or two and
sat in my room and
slept the time away.
Are you
satisfied at home?
I wanted to go out and
meet someone but now
I’m all alone.
I miss you,
but I guess we can Zoom.

Tell me where you are.
I’d like to love you from afar.
We can quarantine together
if you’ve got the room.
But if not, that’s okay, we’ll always
have Zoom.
Hey friend,
It was good talking with you.
It’s nice to have people at
times like this to
help us get through.
But I still miss you,
so I’ll see you on Zoom.