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Oral History: Mackenzie Dunn and Becky Lartigue
This brief oral history interview was conducted as part of an Honors Program event, "COVID-19 Experiences: Our Stories." In this conversation, professor Becky Lartigue and librarian Mackenzie Dunn took the roles of both interviewer and interviewee.

COVID-19 Oral History: Alicia Hopkins and Kate Dugan
This oral history is an account of experiences during the 2019-2020 COVID-19 pandemic, recorded for "COVID-19 Experiences: Our Stories," an Honors Program Out-of-Class Learning Experience. Interview questions include: Where were you when you first…

Hoon & Ryder Interview
An Oral history about our experiences during the Covid Pandemic. It was a conversation between a Springfield College Sophomore and Freshman on their experiences throughout Covid and how we have grown because of it. It is interesting to see the…

Hey friend,
This is a poem/ song of a first-hand account of life during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the urge to quarantine, people would go months without seeing friends and others not living in the same space. During this difficult time, we…

Response from Sigma Tau Delta to inquiry
A letter from the leadership of the organization to a query about whether the conference would / should proceed.

Email query to Sigma Tau Delta conference organizers
An email from March 4 from Rebecca Lartigue (chapter advisor) to the national leadership inquiring about canceling the upcoming conference.

Sigma Tau Delta conference cancellation--original notice
An email from Sigma Tau Delta (the English honor society) dated March 12, 2020.

Sigma Tau Delta conference cancellation
An update from Sigma Tau Delta (the International English Honor Society) updating members on details related to the first-ever cancellation of its annual conference in over a hundred years. The 2020 conference was originally scheduled for late March…

NRHC [Northeast Regional Honors Council] 2020 Update
An email notifying Honors Program students that the regional conference scheduled for 4/1 in Albany, NY, would be canceled.

A letter from Springfield College faculty amid switch to virtual learning (op/ed)
A group of Springfield College faculty wrote an open letter to Springfield College students in the early days of Spring Break after students had left campus, and after the announcement that the remainder of the spring 2020 semester would be taught…

"Netiquette" Guidelines
The document provides guidelines and advice about how to be an online learner, how to use technologies like Zoom appropriately, and how to prevent "Zoombombing."

viral image--photoshop of sistene chapel
A photoshopped image (a BADLY photoshopped image!) of the God / Adam episode depicted on the Sistene Chapel ceiling. Shared on March 14, 2020.

viral image--related to the adjustment to online teaching
This image went viral on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), circulating widely among college and university teachers.

viral image--related to work-at-home
Images like these circulated widely on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) in the early days of "social distancing" as many parents shifted to working at home at the same time as schools closed, keeping children at home.

William Brown, Class of 2002, Alumni Words
This image is a screenshot of a message written to SC students by William Brown (SC '02). Brown's message appeared in the "Words of Encouragement" page on PrideNet.

Adjunct Pay Motion, SC Faculty Senate
This story captures an important discussion within the SC Faculty Senate during the COVID 19 crisis.
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